Karen Lee Morrison

✳️ Do you need help to drill down to your core problems and want to know how to listen more deeply to what is unsaid in your business?

🎤 I am an inspirational and motivational speaker. An enthusiast, strategic thinker and incisive action taker who thrives in fast-paced and complex-adaptive environments.

🏗️ Over the last 30 years working within the Steel, Construction and I.T industries I have acquired a unique set of communication and strategy skills.

🌟 I am quick and ready to adapt to any given situation and able to come up with an entertaining conversation that is inspiring and contains relevant and easy to adopt solutions to help solve problems within a business.

🌟 Using my unique talents and strategies I am dedicated to promoting resilience, humour and accountability - teaching the most relatable, practical, fun and easy techniques everyone can implement and benefit from.

🌟 Spend time with me and you will find I am fun, engaging, informative and authentic in everything I say and do.

🚦 I believe that every Crisis is a Catalyst for Change.

What is that Change?

🌟 Allow me to help you and together we will design a unique solution to achieve your desired results.